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Glad you stopped by to learn a little about me.

The first thing I want you to know is that I am happily married to an amazing woman.

My Sweetie and I

My Sweetie and I

She is my second wife.  My first marriage ended after 37 years when my precious Sharon tired of fighting ovarian cancer and went home to be with our Lord.  Pat and I are going for a record, so that means I must live to over 100 years.  Fortunately we found an incredible supplement that actually slows the rate of aging on the cellular level.  So we will be married for at least 40 years (I like round numbers).

Between us we have (as of 2015) five children, ten  grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.  It is rare for blended families to get along, or so I am told.  Well, we all do.  Pat has two boys from a previous (long time ago) marriage and I have two boys and a girl from my first marriage.  Actually, they are no longer boys and girls.  They are fine young men and women.  Pat’s oldest son and my youngest live the closest to us – less than half an hour by car.  Pat’s other son and my eldest live a little over an hour’s drive away. My daughter lives the furthest away in California.

We have some four-legged children also.

My four legged son.

My four-legged son. 

Our four legged daughter
Our four-legged daughter

Our Newest Baby

Our other four-legged daughter

We are learning to be better people and are on a journey to improve ourselves and make the world a better place one life at a time.

This blog is about that journey.

Come along with us.

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